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Who we Are

Stockholm Research Center (SRC for short, pronounced source) is a non-for-profit organization based in Stockholm, Sweden, that is run in a completely open manner.

SRC aims to advance humanity, specifically our interaction with technology, our understanding of technology, and technology itself, via a series of initiatives.

We value transparency, curiosity, and audacity.

SRC was founded and is currently operated by:

Ongoing projects

You can also find recorded talks in our talk archive

How we Work

The open methodology we work with, inspired by one of our values, means that all of our official documents, modulo some sensitive information being redacted, will be made available publicly in this Git repository.

Here you will find:

  1. Meetings, with our detailed Agendas and Minutes.
  2. Core documents, such as the Articles of Association, and current Board Composition.
  3. Branding Documents, such as our logotype in various formats.


If you are interested in contributing with a project idea, some of your hacking time, if you have found a big need that we could address, or if you want to support us monetarily, you can reach us by:

We’re happy to answer questions!