Stockholm Research Center Board Meeting - Agenda

Stockholm, 1 April 2019

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Topics:
    1. SRC Financial Situation
    2. Sponsoring ReasonConf
    3. Travel Sponsoring for JSConf EU
    4. Brochure Website
    5. Learning Labs
  3. Additional issues
  4. Closing of the meeting

SRC Financial Situation

In order to financially operate under SRC’ name, to pay for some of the fixed costs of running the organization, we need to:

Some of the things we need it for are:

Sponsoring ReasonConf

ReasonConf is coming on soon, and a cooperation agreement with Reason Association is required for a proper sponsorship of the event.

This will help us work towards our goals of support the OCaml/Reason ecosystem, and as a by product give us some exposure. The cost of this sponsorship is roughly 1,000 EUR.

Travel Sponsorship for JSConf EU

As I mentioned before, when I was asked if my employer would pay for my travelling by JSConf EU organizers, I said that it would pay for my flights. This will put SRC as a Travel Sponsor on their website and help us publicize some of the work we are doing.

We can have this discussion on the Board meeting for May.

Brochure Website

Given the opportunities to increase the exposure of SRC, and the nature of these venues implying some interesting pair of eyes being laid upon us, I’d like to propose we spend some time setting up a website that conveys what we strive for, what we are working on right now, and that provides ways for people to submit donations.

Github Learning Labs

Github has opened Learning Labs that we could use to document and guide some of our learnings in the form of workshops. This could benefit the ReasonSTHLM meetup and any other form of training that SRC provides.