Stockholm Research Center Statutory Meeting Minutes

Stockholm, 1 April 2019

  1. Opening of the meeting
    1. The meeting was opened at 19:01
    2. Present: Fernando Via Canel, Iris Schaffer, Leandro Ostera
  2. SRC Financial Situation
    1. The board agreed to open a bank account in the name of SRC
    2. The board agreed to accept a donation from Leandro Ostera to SRC
  3. Sponsoring ReasonConf
    1. The board decided to not sponsor ReasonConf this year due to scheduling concerns
  4. Travel Sponsorship for JSConf EU
    1. The board agreed that SRC will sponsor the travel of the speaker to JSConf EU
  5. Brochure Website
    1. The board decided to add content to the website with information taken from the organization’s repositories
  6. Github Learning Labs
    1. The board decided to evaluate Github Learning Labs as a support tool in the upcoming meetups
  7. Closing of the meeting
    1. The meeting was closed at 19:49