Stockholm Research Center Board Meeting - Agenda

Stockholm, 1 May 2019

  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Topics:
    1. Bank Account Update
    2. SRC Website
    3. Research Proposals
    4. Research Process
    5. Learning Labs
    6. Mailing List
    7. Patreon
    8. Mentorships
  3. Additional issues
  4. Closing of the meeting

Bank Account Update

An SEB representative will see us on the 17th of May, at 11:00hs. More details to come.

SRC Website

Celebrate and think of what goes next.

  1. Analytics?
  2. Setup donations page?

Research Proposals

I’d like us to spend an hour going through the projects that we currently have proposed to SRC, and either mark them as deferred, ongoing, or paused.

Research Process

If we agree that a project is ongoing, then we must define what sort of commitment and investment will be made. This doesn’t have to be a number of hours a week that must be dedicated to it, but it gives us a sense of accountability towards each other.

In addition, this helps the outside world, including future donators and contributors, understand what commitment we are putting into these projects, and how much they can trust on us to get something done.

Learning Labs

I’d like us to discuss the extent to which we could use learning labs as a platform for most of our educational work.

Mailing Lists

We’ve set up a mailing list already on Mailchimp. I’d like us to define some use-cases for it.


Recently I’ve set up a Patreon page for SRC here:

I’d like us to discuss briefly our supporter tiers and what kind of goals we are looking to have.


It would be possible for us to provide mentor support to students. Let’s discuss in what terms we could consider doing this.