Stockholm Research Center Board Meeting - Agenda

Stockholm, 7th May 2019

  1. Opening of the meeting
    1. The meeting was opened at 19:33
    2. Present: Fernando Via Canel, Iris Schaffer, Leandro Ostera
  2. Bank Account Update
    1. We decided to investigate the best approach to bookkeeping
    2. Agreed on time and place of meeting with the bank representative
    3. We decided to send the bookkeeping provider an email about our use case and if they support it
  3. SRC Website
    1. We agreed on adding analytics to the website. We will investigate what we think the simplest solution for that is
    2. We agreed to define the process for donations to SRC
  4. Research Proposals
    1. We updated the status of all our projects
  5. Research Process
    1. We set reporting milestones for all the ongoing projects
  6. Learning Labs
    1. We set up a project for this called Online Courses
    2. We will come back to this in the next reporting milestone
    3. We will have a conversation with the representatives of the Learning Lab from GitHub
  7. Mailing List
    1. We agreed to prepare periodical newsletters that will be published in the SRC repository. We consider starting monthly
    2. We deferred the decision on what media to publish the newsletters to
  8. Patreon
    1. We deferred setting up the tiers until we collect further information
  9. Mentorships
    1. We agreed on minimum conditions for a mentorship program
    2. We agreed to treat mentorship requests on a one by one basis for the time being
  10. Additional issues

  11. Closing of the meeting
    1. The meeting was closed at 21:41