Presentation: The Engineer in the Room

Status: Ongoing

Owner: @irisSchaffer

Description: A presentation at sthlm.js, in which Iris speaks about the importance of having an engineer in the room from the very start of a project and how engineers can proactively work on strengthening the relationsip between them and product, design and other stakeholders.

Deliverable(s): Presentation

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Status update: Ongoing

Deliverable(s): Presentation

Notes: Original date of the meetup was the 2nd of April, but due to a personal emergency had to be cancelled last minute. A new date for the talk (22nd of May) was agreed upon with the organisers.


Status update: Ongoing

Deliverable(s): Abstract handed in

Title: The engineer in the room

Abstract: A new project is started up. Product managers and designers get together with the client to discuss the vision and purpose of the product. The only thing missing? The people who will implement the new product.

In this talk we will hear what having an engineer in the room can do for the quality of the end product, tight deadlines, and the happiness of the team. We’ll walk through what we as developers can do to strengthen the relationship with product and design and how that can lead to better products for our users.


Status update: Ongoing

Deliverable(s): Talk proposed

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